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The image of the dragon became widespread in mythology, science fiction and fantasy, and is used in feng shui and astrology.
It is popular in all artistic manifestations — paintings, books, cinema, amusement parks and video games.
Sculptors of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO create handcrafted concrete dragons in the most incredible interpretations, in a wide variety of colors, genres and shapes.
Created in 2016, the art object has gone viral in local and international media, being duly appreciated by visitors of the park and by Instagram users from all over the world. A 15-meter three-headed serpent with a wingspan of more than 600 square meters delights not only with its dimensions and realism, but also with built-in pyrotechnic mechanisms, thanks to which Zmey Gorynych spews real flames.
Work on the fabulous dragon made of architectural concrete began back in 2015 under the direction of chief sculptor Vladimir Kolesnikov and lasted about 150 days.
To make the three-headed serpent breathe fire, we provided in advance a special room located inside the frame. This room contains all the necessary gas equipment, thanks to which Gorynych became a real incarnation of the fire-breathing dragon.


Animal sculptures by the craftsmen of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO can be made in different styles, depending on the goals and wishes of the customer.
Realistic animal statues made of cement require a special approach: the fine texture of the surface, the color rendering of the coat pattern, the refinement of the smallest elements of the sculptures make them look “alive”. Such animal sculptures will become a bright and harmonious addition to the territory of amusement parks, children's centers and playrooms.
Craftsmen at ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO create realistic highly detailed sculptures of any animal, and they're all custom-made.
These can be the inhabitants of the middle zone (bears, foxes, wolves, deer, hares, hedgehogs), and world fauna (lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, pandas, tigers), and domestic animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses).
Cartoon sculptures of animals made of concrete fit perfectly into the spaces intended for children. Attracting the attention of young guests, such sculptures are designed not only to entertain, but also to develop children's imagination.
Colorful themed sculptures are a winning way to get children interested in the play areas. You can maximize interest by installing sculptures of characters from their favorite fairy tales and cartoons.
One of the ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO projects — the custom-made sculptures of animal superheroes in the amusement park in Kuzminki — instantly won the love of the little visitors.


The craftsmen of ART BERENDEEVO also have a wide experience of working with sculptures of people and characters, whether it is the duplicates of classical and antique sculpture, the copies of famous personalities’ busts, or even the sculptures created from customers’ photographs.
A sculpture from a photo can be an extraordinary gift: if you wish to please your loved ones, we will be happy to make a custom-made sculpture of a person. Our craftsmen are able to create realistic statues that repeat the figure and facial features one to one, and also more cartoonish or even comic versions — depending on customer’s wish.
скульптура мужчины из бетонасказочные персонажи из бетонаскульптура мага из бетона
A sculpture of a favorite book personage, a statue of a screen character, a bust of an actor, or a multi-figure statuary group of cartoon characters can be an equally creative gift. Concrete sculptures of famous personalities from fairy tales and movies are one of the most popular requests for our sculptors.
In 2020, ART BERENDEEVO worked to recreate everyone's favorite fairy tales in custom sculptures. The characters were implemented as part of the improvement of the territory of the Moscow Residence of Santa Claus.
"The Trail of Fairytales" included more than 60 sculptures based on the works of "The Wizard of Oz," "Alice in Wonderland", "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", "Cinderella" and many others.
At the moment, at least a thousand fantastic custom-made sculptures have already been created by ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO’s craftsmen. Fairytale characters made of concrete enliven the space and brighten up parks, hotels and private premises of our customers.
скульптура щелкунчика заяц скульптура арт бетонгрифон из бетона скульптура


In the creative industry, the most important thing is to keep up with the times and be aware of current artistic trends. We are always ready to help our customers navigate in the art world when choosing the most current and resonant concepts of sculptures and statuaries.
modern art
in all forms
Contemporary sculptures evoke a desire to examine and unravel them, challenging the usual forms and concepts. Minimalism, hi-tech and postmodern can be called the most popular artistic movements in the art of sculpture nowadays.
Whichever visual art style you choose for your park, garden or interior, the sculptors of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO will work expertly and follow the chosen style to emphasize your space with unique and contemporary sculptural artworks.
The skills of our specialists are not limited to working with concrete. For example, according to customer’s sketch, ART BERENDEEVO craftsmen can create a sculpture made of stainless steel or an actual artwork made of epoxy resin.