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Modern trends in interior design tend to follow the eco-agenda, suggesting the use of natural materials or their most realistic imitations. Many current interiors are made using raw wood, cork and stone, but it is not always possible to achieve the effect of handmade exclusivity. Therefore, among the variety of finishing materials, architectural concrete is considered the most spectacular today, providing an opportunity to create decorative rocks that are exclusive for every single project. Many years of experience in the manufacture of artificial rocks and the individual approach of ART BERENDEEVO’s craftsmen will help you bring the brightest and most unusual interior decor ideas to life.

Concrete interior decoration is suitable for literally any spaces, including:

  • swimming pools, saunas and baths in SPA centers;
  • hotel halls and rooms;
  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • water parks and aquariums;
  • country houses and private premises;
  • each and every room in the apartment.


Apartment - TOKYO. Laçın Quluyev


The imagination of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO’s artists combined with the special properties of art concrete makes it possible to use not only different colors, but also various execution techniques to adapt the appearance of decorative stone in the interior at any request. The rock effect in the interior will always look advantageous, drawing the eyes of your guests and favorably complementing trendy interior styles:

  • eco-style;
  • loft;
  • contemporary;
  • high-tech.

Moscow, Russia designed by Moroes Architects / YOHO DESIGN


Another indisputable advantage of concrete rock walls is the durability of the material. The strength inherent in architectural concrete guarantees high resistance to mechanical stress, UV radiation, high levels of humidity and temperature extremes. The appearance of artificial concrete rocks remains unchanged over time, so this kind of decoration will brighten your room for years and years.

"THE MASTER". Sheikh Zayed


Forest house, Interior Design, ArtPartner architects
Apartment with a waterfall. Stavskiy Maxim

Nowadays, the status of the interior is emphasized by the choice of reliable and durable materials, the course towards environmental friendliness and, invariably, by exclusivity. That is why many customers of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO prefer decorative rocks that combine rationality in the material selection, the natural stones imitation trend, and the uniqueness of each design project.

Charismatic interior in Kiev. YODEZEEN Architects


Given the relevance of eco-friendly trends, today natural stone is considered an ideal finishing material that can brighten almost any space. However it is important to note that an artificial rock made of concrete practically does not differ from a real one in texture, shape and color. But it has a bunch of significant advantages: 

  • low weight and portability of products;
  • strength and resistance to external influences;
  • massive opportunities for design;
  • financial availability.

"Hard & Soft" Apartament. Maxim Stavskiy
The Dark, Mohammed Yossef
Moscow, Russia, designed by Moroes Architects / YOHO DESIGN


An artificial rock is not only a decoration, but also a layout element that has practical value. Firstly, it can play a crucial role in space zoning, which is especially important in the time of open planning peak. Secondly, a masterfully executed design will disguise possible mistakes and defects occurred during the remodeling, as well as cover up communications and other unsightly technical elements.

Taiwan Interior 03, MINIMALIST DESIGN
Natural bathroom. Moto design


When it comes to any volumetric decorative elements, it is always worth considering that they require a certain amount of maintenance. For example, one of the current eco-friendly trends ― phytowall ― requires regular watering, pruning and replacement of dead plants. However, if you opt for a stone wall, you can forget about any extra care and just enjoy the view.

Moscow, Russia, designed by Moroes Architects / YOHO DESIGN