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The vast experience of ART BERENDEEVO’s team in facade cladding and interior design allows us to take on projects of any complexity, including the decoration of water parks and aquariums ― another area of ​​the studio's activities.

These thematic amusement parks are designed to immerse the big-city residents in the atmosphere of an overseas vacation, so the scenery is a very important element of design. High-quality decor such as mountain reliefs, decorative waterfalls, rocky cliffs and tropical vines will allow park guests to feel themselves placed in an exotic natural oasis.


Thematic decoration of the aquariums recreates the aquatic fauna’s natural habitat. The scenery may include concrete grottoes, decorative waterfalls, shells, surface and underwater fake rocks. These objects establish an authentic sense of place and immerse the visitors of the aquarium in the picturesque underwater world.


The exotic atmosphere in water parks is achieved through artificial waterfalls, cement grottoes, palm trees and plants made of concrete. Bright and stylish thematic decor creates a cozy and relaxing setting for children and adults, also increasing attendance and profitability.


Any entertainment center implies the presence of unsightly service facilities ― service buildings, lighting poles, switchboards and sewer hatches. Decorative wall and facade cladding with concrete allows them to be seamlessly disguised and hidden from the visitors’ sight. The most realistic imitation of nature-made objects fits in the overall design concept and provides ample opportunities for making creative decorations:

  • carved concrete rocks for wall and facade cladding;
  • concrete stones and fake boulders as a cover-up for sewer hatches; 
  • artificial volcanos, disguising service buildings;
  • concrete trees as a decoration for beams and lighting poles.


A key factor in choosing decorations for public spaces is the durability of the material. The modern market of finishing materials provides a huge variety, ranging from 3D gypsum walls and polyurethane moldings to phyto-walls made of live or artificial plants. However, concrete is considered the best option for a good reason.

Thanks to a specific production technology, concrete acquires a number of competitive advantages over other materials.


The plasticity of concrete mortar and a wide palette of colors allows for creating concrete products of any shape, color and texture. Our craftsmen can easily recreate the natural relief of any stones and rocks, a detailed pattern of tree bark, the natural shape and shade of corals and sea shells.


Concrete products do not sustain combustion and do not contribute to the spread of fire, which is critical to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. The conducted fire tests showed that the cladding structures by ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO are meeting the requirements of fire safety regulations and are classified as noncombustible.


The production technology of the concrete mortar involves the use of environmental-friendly materials, eliminating the toxicity of decor elements even when heated. Products of ART BERENDEEVO have gone through sanitary and epidemiological tests. The results of the examination confirmed the compliance of the products with all requirements and regulations.


No water, no air, no synthetic polymers remain in the composition of the ready concrete mix, therefore the end products are resistant to deformation caused by temperature extremes or by UV radiation. The special treatment of concrete decorations also ensures their high hydrophobicity, which plays an important role in the design of spaces with water facilities.


One of the latest projects of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO for the improvement of water parks and aquariums was the “Dreamwood” amusement park, located on the territory of Mriya Resort & Spa 5 * ― a hotel complex in Yalta.

The range of works on the beautification of the park included:

  • carved concrete wall and facade cladding;
  • creation of concrete decorations for the water park;
  • marine-themed mural painting;
  • decorative facade cladding of service buildings;
  • creation of the largest artificial volcano in Russia, which disguises the power station;
  • decoration of service facilities and fences with fake rocks and artificial trees made of concrete.

Improved by ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO’s team, “Dreamwood” amusement park opened its doors in August 2018 and instantly won the love of local residents and guests of nearby resort towns.

The trend of using concrete for water parks and aquariums decoration is rapidly gaining popularity around the world due to many beneficial properties of the material and the spectacular effect of the finished decor. Craftsmen of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO can easily bring to life any thematic concrete decoration you would like to have for your business.