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The masters of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO are engaged in decorating various water facilities both in public park areas and in private premises. For decoration of pools and ponds we use concrete, which has proven itself as the most reliable and spectacular finishing material. Artificial ponds, decorative waterfalls and interior decoration of SPA from ART BERENDEEVO are distinguished by their original design and high performance.


The construction of premises and facilities with high humidity can be a difficult test, requiring a special approach in the choice of materials. If your goal is to make your pool or SPA zone not only safe and waterproof, but also unique in terms of design, concrete is the perfect solution. ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO team offers individual and complex services for decorating swimming pools and SPA areas with concrete:

  • construction of swimming pools;
  • construction of saunas;
  • outdoor swimming pools construction;
  • concrete wall decoration for indoor pools;
  • swimming-pool noising decoration;
  • concrete decor for saunas and SPA salons;
  • interior decoration for wellness centers.

Пример искусственных скал в декорировании бассейнов

Our specialists develop and implement design projects for indoor pools based on careful engineering calculations and take into account the requirements of specially developed technical instructions. The specific properties of concrete make it possible to create safer pool areas: concrete floors are less slippery than those made of tiles and stone, and the pool bowl made of concrete will always remain neutral to household chemicals. In the process of work, the craftsmen of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO carry out all the necessary waterproofing measures, maximizing the durability of the structure.


A well-placed and properly developed artificial reservoir is able to emphasize the natural landscape and give a natural look to any space. Over the years of landscaping private premises, hotels and water parks, ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO has accumulated vast experience and many creative ideas for thematic design of decorative ponds.

Пример искусственных скал в декорировании бассейнов и прудов

In order to guarantee a high-quality result, before starting the construction of ponds and reservoirs, the ART BERENDEEVO team evaluates the area, identifying its features, taking into account the location of the facility, the nature of the relief and soil composition, as well as the depth of groundwater. Based on the results of a thorough analysis, we determine the location and configuration of the future decorative pond, including its type, volume, shape and decorative content.

Пример искусственных скал в декорировании бассейнов и прудов

It is generally accepted that the use of natural stone for finishing ponds is the simplest and most natural solution, but this approach greatly increases the cost of the project. In order to save your budget and increase the durability of the reservoir, ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO offers an alternative option ― decorating the pond with fake stones made of concrete. Concrete decor also provides ample opportunities for design, because almost any architectural form used for pond decoration in private premises or public spaces can be made of concrete.


The garden bridge can become one of the central figures of the landscape, and even without a pond, it may be used to decorate a dry stream, becoming a continuation of the pathway or to decorate the entrance to the gazebo. Modern trends in landscape design and the plasticity inherent in concrete allow you to create fancy or minimalist garden objects and imitate the surface of any natural stone.


In some cases, the area of ​​an artificial reservoir allows you to create a private oasis in the middle of the pond ― a real island. Our craftsmen are ready to create for you this complex hydraulic facility, which will become an ideal place for a gazebo or a quiet place for fishing.


The pond construction service from ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO also includes the development and implementation of a unique decor for the coastline and the coastal area. As part of the complex design project, the design elements of the decorative pond are made in the matching style, fitting perfectly in the hardscape and landscape design. Such decorations include not only artificial stones and concrete boulders, but also handcrafted sculptures and carved concrete statuary groups, piers and gazebos.


The production technology of concrete products makes it possible to recreate a vast variety of nature-made scenes, ranging from a chamber waterfall for an alpine garden to large-scale wildlife water cascades in a city park. ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO  provides a full range of services for the waterfalls construction, from the designing of a sketch to the installation of engineering networks. Our craftsmen are able to make the decorative waterfall a highlight of your natural site, taking into account the specific landscape features, the sewage system arrangement and the drainworks.

Пример искусственных скал в декорировании водопадов


A decorative fountain is not always an independent art object; it can also become the main decoration of an artificial reservoir. A fountain made of art concrete can be made in any style, harmoniously complementing and giving special dynamics to a static water facility. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the fountain project can include lighting, letting the structure look spectacular at any time of the day.