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One of the core activities of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO is the creation of sculptures and statuary groups casted in concrete. The high expertise and many years of experience of our craftsmen allows us to carry out even the most complex and large-scale concrete art objects. Thanks to academic education, our sculptors are able to develop sketches of sculptures in any architecture style, accurately embodying the image of the customer's concept.

In 2021, the ART BERENDEEVO team took on a difficult and responsible task from the town administration of Yalta: to design, manufacture and install a new welcome sign at the busiest traffic intersection of Yalta ― at the town entrance from the direction of Simferopol.


Before the start of production, the designers of our studio developed and proposed several options for the design of the sculpture. In the sketching process, ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO specialists took into account not only the historical and cultural values ​​of Yalta, but also the location of the future art object, including the elevation changes in the landscape and the proximity of transport communications.
During the discussion of the resulting sketches, it was decided to focus on the silhouette, recognizable since Soviet times, but rethought in a new way. The intermediate result of the artists’ work was a detailed 3D visualization.

3D visualization


At the stage of planning production works, the studio’s specialists had to focus on a tight timing: it was necessary to complete the installation in 18 days so that the new welcome sign would become a pleasant gift to the residents in celebration of A Town Day of Yalta ― August 14th.

Due to the tight deadline, it was decided to carry out construction and installation works right at the construction site. Thus, we got a chance to reduce the production time and avoid possible difficulties that could be caused by the sculpture’s size.

Nevertheless, some preparatory work was carried out in advance in the Moscow workshop: the sculptors of ART BERENDEEVO STUDIO created a metal formwork, which was urgently sent to the construction site in order to set the shape of the future welcome sign. After that, our team only had to assemble the metal frame, pour the concrete, let the mortar dry and dismantle the formwork.

The final stage was the erection of the resulting "Yalta" welcome sign. By means of large cranes the 70-ton sculpture was installed on a pre-built foundation without unforeseen problems, despite difficult weather conditions.

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